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East on 1

Easton1- #1

Are you looking for a local Chinese restaurant in the Steveston area? Well East on 1 is a wonderful place for your friends and family to enjoy a delicious, fresh seafood meal.

Timothy Jim first ventured into the restaurant business after he retired two years ago from his earlier professional career as a journalist. He decided to open a restaurant in the Steveston area because of the loving atmosphere and the ambiance of a respectful community.

This small-scaled restaurant that seats around 100 people is a place where many different kinds of clients come to meet and network to make valuable connections. As a retired journalist, it was a great way for Jim to meet people around the town. The restaurant has evolved to become a comfortable place to meet old friends and acquaintances.

If you ever stop by to grab a bite at East on 1, Jim recommends the fresh lobster on steamed rice and the dry rib appetizer in plum flavour. This small Hong-Kong style restaurant is a hidden gem, known for its fresh seafood and delicious take on traditional Chinese dishes. And if you’re around the area in the early afternoon, you can also stop by for dim sum to enjoy with your family and friends.

East on 1 is a restaurant that captures the authenticity of Chinese cuisine, and uses the local seafood that’s made Steveston famous. East on 1 is a restaurant you don’t want to miss! Hope to see you there!