Yap Speaks about the Britannia Heritage Shipyard

VICTORIA – Today, Richmond-Steveston MLA John Yap spoke about the Britannia Heritage Shipyard.

“Britannia Heritage Shipyard in Steveston, which was first built in 1890 as the site of a salmon cannery, was a historic and multicultural village consisting of canneries, boatyards, stores and residences. It tells us stories of the Chinese, European, First Nations and Japanese workers who turned this waterfront into a thriving community.

“Through visiting the boatyards and bunkhouses, we can imagine in vivid detail the daily lives and living conditions of these people, and learn how different ethnic communities worked together to create innovative maritime vessels.

“The City of Richmond and the volunteers of Britannia Heritage Shipyard Society have been preserving and promoting the village. They arrange tours and host interesting programs which let visitors experience a bygone era when fishing and boatbuilding were flourishing industries on the Fraser River.

“Thanks to them and especially to the Chair, directors and board members of the Britannia Heritage Shipyard Society, who have made Britannia the amazing cultural and community asset.

“Thank you.”