We recognize the critical importance of excellent human and social services for families through all the stages of their lives. Richmond Centre is home to a number of community services which provide pograms and informations for our citizens.

Support Services

Chimo Crisis Line serves over 10,000 individuals and families each year from different cultural backgrounds, age groups, family lifestyles and economic situations. CHIMO provides diverse services, from community building to prevention, from individual crisis support to advocacy, and from peer support to education.

Richmond Food Bank Society This website allows users to search the Mountain Pine Beetle Bibliographic Warehouse, which contains over 2000 literature citations of publications and videos related to the mountain pine beetle.

BC Housing a provincial crown agency that develops, manages and administers a wide range of subsidized housing options for those in greatest need.

The Richmond Society for Community Living is committed to providing community based programs and supports for children and adults who have a developmental disability or who have developmental disabilities and their families, to assist them to participate and contribute fully and to be recognized and accepted as valued members in the community.

Community Centres

Minoru Seniors Society is a registered non-profit society whose purpose is to enhance the quality of life for older adults in Richmond through the provision of ongoing recreation opportunities and services.

Richmond Caring Place is a community-supported facility that houses many of Richmond’s non-profit Community Service agencies right in the heart of Richmond.

Richmond Hospice Association is an association that provides emotional and social support for patients and family members coping with a life-threatening or life-limiting illness.

Thompson Community Centre is an active supporter of the community by providing social and recreational programs, events and healthy living opportunities to enhance the quality of life and promote active living for all.

Resource Centres

Volunteer Richmond Information Services brings people and services together through community information and volunteerism, whether providing the programs that Richmond needs or connecting people to other organizations and services.

Richmond Women’s Resource Centre is a non-profit, volunteer organization run by and for women to improve their status in the community and society at large. The Centre, which works closely with other community groups, is a friendly place where women of all ages can come and talk about various issues.


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